Genuine Walnut Plaques
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Solid Genuine Walnut Plaque with up to 200 letters of engraving included. Formatting not required while typing out engraving. Engraving prices are our special online prices and not available in store.

Here is an example of a common layout for our plaques:

          Presented to Jeff Dunn

   For Your Dedicated Service to the

    Colonial Heights School District

      February 1990 to April 2014

If using personal artwork or additional space is needed for engraving, you may email it to along with your name.

The box you check off for the quality of your artwork will determine the amount of time we spend on it to make it higher quality.

If you selected Stock Artwork, it will be a clipart in our database that best fits your description. If you need a proof before running your plaque, please let us know in the comments and leave us your email, but keep in mind that it may delay production time.

If you need your plaque earlier than in 1 week's time, please call us at 804-526-5937 to confirm your pick up date so we can see if all the required items are in stock. 

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Genuine Walnut Plaques

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